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Experiences and feelings are a source of creative expression. In this program we learn to channel them into visual arts, writing, dancing, drama, music, voice, photography, sculpting, and more. Thus releasing and transforming them into a productive existence.

Shlomit’s sessions are held in a non-judgmental environment that fosters psychological safety and freedom of expression.





Upcoming Workshop: Listening Skills

A Personal Growth 2 Week Series

When: Thursdays 7:30-9:15pm (EST)

7/23 Listening to ME

7/30 Listening to Others

Zoom link will be sent to you after you register.

You are welcome to attend one or both sessions.

Exploring communication with myself and with others.

Shlomit will lead you through a journey of art exploration through meditation, dance, movement, music, arts and craft and sharing.

No previous experience necessary. This program is led in a loving and supporting environment that promotes inspiration and enlightenment.

What to prepare:

1) Private space to move in

2) Pen and paper

3) Paper and any art materials of your choice

4) Musical instrument

Looking forward to exploring with you!

What is Person-Centered Expressive Arts?

PCEA was created by Natalie Rogers PhD and her father Carl Rogers PhD. The Creative Connection® process, as developed by Natalie Rogers PhD, interweaves the various expressive arts to tap into the deep wellspring of creativity that is within each one of us. No artistic talent is required. A creative experience is often times therapeutic. A therapeutic experience is often times a creative process. Therefore, the use of expressive arts in psychotherapy has evolved naturally as we come to understand the need to engage in activities that awaken and integrate all aspects of self—the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The expressive arts can help you rediscover your innate creativity and nourish your soul. It can also be a sacred and mystical embodiment.

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About Shlomit Oren-Ross

Shlomit is a Person-Centered Expressive Arts Mentor, owner of Gleeful Wellness LLC and performing artist.

In 2012 Shlomit acquired a BA in theater at Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC. After touring the US with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey as a clown and performing for hospitalized children, individuals with disabilities and with families, she felt a strong call to fascilitate healing work with individuals through art.

In 2016 Shlomit graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Psychology at the Northern State University in SD. Where she got to adapt all of her studies directly into healing and empowerment programs for children and women combining yoga, dance and Expressive Arts. Shlomit also took on the role of the president of the PSY CHI association in the psychology department of the university.

In 2018 Shlomit co-created her company Gleeful Wellness LLC in collaboration with her husband David Ross. GW specializes in uplifting services for seniors, adults and children through wellness and entertainment.

Since 2019 Shlomit trains at the Person-Centered Expressive Art Institute in Sonoma, CA in collaboration with the Meridian University. Where she developed her unique program Expressive Arts for Healing and Awakening. Shlomit is a certified Person-Centered Expressive Arts mentor.

Participants learn tools & experiment with self-expression through arts and crafts, writing, dancing, drama, music, voice, and more. Thus, releasing and transforming thei...
Awakening Expressive Arts
1 hr 45 min

Our Company

At Gleeful Wellness LLC, we specialize in uplifting services for children, adults and seniors. We understand the psychological and physiological necessities of every age groups and gear our programs to meet their needs. By combining Arts and Wellness we bring a unique experience of joy to every situation.

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