Shlomit is a multi-generational Person-Centered Expressive Arts facilitator and healer, owner of Gleeful Wellness LLC, educator and a multi-faceted performing artist, physical actress, belly dancer and clown.

Shlomit is half Israeli and Half Colombian. She was born in Israel and lived in Colombia from age 2-10. Shlomit then moved back to Israel. When she was 15 years old, she suffered a traumatic car accident where she witnessed her best friend's death. This event sparked her soul's awakening journey through conventional PTSD therapy and the practice of arts. Shlomit used theater, bellydance, visual arts, writing and music as tools for her healing journey. After recovering from PTSD and the grieving process, Shlomit vowed to live her life 200%. 100% for her friend, Gili, and 100% for her own self.

In 2010 after serving mandatorily in the Israeli Air Force as a sergeant, Shlomit moved to NYC to study theater and continue her personal growth journey.

In 2012 Shlomit acquired a BA in theater from the Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC. After touring the US with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey as a clown & hula hooper, and performing for hospitalized children and individuals with disabilities, she felt a strong call to facilitate healing work to individuals through the arts.

In 2016 Shlomit graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Psychology at the Northern State University. There she got to adapt all of her studies directly into healing and empowerment programs for children and women combining yoga, dance, body language training and expressive arts. 

In 2018 Shlomit co-created her company Gleeful Wellness LLC in collaboration with her husband David Ross. GW specializes in uplifting services for seniors, adults and children through wellness and entertainment. Her services are offered in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, pediatric units, schools, community centers and now virtually to the global community.

In 2019 Shlomit started to train at the Person-Centered Expressive Art Institute in Sonoma, CA in collaboration with the Alaska Anchorage University where she developed her unique program Awakening Expressive Arts. She also trained at the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. Shlomit also became a member of the Village Playback Theater company for social change that serves as a conduit for safe self-expression to its audiences.

In 2020 Shlomit graduated from the Spirit of A Woman Institute where she got trained as a Life Coach for women in the "Be The Tree" program.

In 2021 Shlomit Graduated from the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Institute and launched her new personal brand, Shlomit Oren - Uplifting Communities through Creative Arts.

In 2022 Shlomit started studying a Somatic Therapy Graduate degree at Prescott College.

Shlomit is now offering Awakening Arts and Nature Retreats, 1:1 Expressive Arts Counseling sessions and group workshops for personal growth and mental health for kids, adults and seniors. She also continues performing theater, belly dance and clowning all over NYC and NJ.

To schedule a free 30 min phone call with Shlomit Oren, please email her at contact@gleefulwellness.com

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