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We Specialize in Uplifting Senior Services!

We are a certified wellness & entertainment company owned by Shlomit Oren.
Available in Spanish, Hebrew & English

Wellness Programs


Gleeful Zen Chi

Created by David Ross from his 30+ years as a martial artist and Yoga instructor, this program is a 45 minute sequence of moves incorporated from the ancient Chinese martial arts of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Okinawan Uechi Ryu Karate.

Gleeful Zen Chi  is specifically designed to stretch and restore muscle tissues, enhance blood circulation, physical coordination, balance, and breathing. Participants should wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. 

Gleeful Dance

Created by Shlomit Oren from her 17+ years of dance and yoga training. This program promotes wellness, smiles, and good times. For sitting or standing up participants.

Experience a fun, dynamic & low-impact therapeutic dance session. The program combines dance, qigong breathing exercises, yoga stretches and positive psychology. Participants get to dance & sing to music that is familiar to them and turn the space into a joyful dance party. This program is 45 minutes long and is especially beneficial for the Alzheimers and dementia population. 


Entertainment Services

Gleeful Duo Show

Shlomit and Dave will perform together to bring a dazzling duo show to your community.

Shlomit sings and dances, while Dave plays live music and sings. At the end of the show, audience members are led through a fun dance party! The show's music and dance can be adjusted to the cultural background of the participating community. 

Gleeful Belly Dance

Shlomit will perform dancing to uplifting mediterranean music. She performs with special props such as: a cane, finger cymbals, a tray of candles balanced on her head, veil fans, veils, hula hoops and enchanting isis wings. This interactive performance will finish with a mini belly dance tutorial for the seniors on how to belly dance.

Gleeful Luau Dance Show

Shlomit will perform Polynesian dance also known as Hula Dance. An interactive and upbeat performance that will make everyone smile and rejoice. Shlomit gets to combine her hula hooping skills with Hula dancing and gets everyone to limbo dance.

Gleeful Acoustic & Electric Solo

Dave is a Boston Grammy Award winner! He will perform a solo acoustic guitar show singing senior's favorite classics; from Frank Sinatra all the way to Led Zeppelin.  He adjusts his songs to any event theme (Example, father's day, 4 of July, valentines day, birthdays, Christmas, etc.). The audience gets to participate singing along.

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You are invited to sponsor a Gleeful Wellness program and expand your visibility.

We have a large list of communities that would love to have our services. Choose a community and we will entertain and uplift them while wearing your logo, handing out your brochures and giving you the opportunity to meet your potential clients face to face.

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