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Belly Dance & Empowerment

Join the Women's Empowerment (WE) Circle!

The upcoming WE Circle will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM

When: Wednesday May 24th 7-8:15pm ET

Where: Register to receive the zoom link

What: We will explore the topic of FLEXIBILITY through meditation, conversation, and lots of belly dancing. By flexibility we don't just mean physical flexibility, but also mental, spiritual, and flexibility in life in general. This is a safe space for women to self-express freely and to unite in sisterhood. Please wear comfortable clothes to move in.

How Much: All women are invited to attend. Therefore, this is a FREE event! Monetary contributions are appreciated. You may make a contribution via this website or via Venmo. Send the amount you wish to donate to Venmo account @Shlomit-oren


Welcome to the Women's Empowerment (WE) Circle. 

If you reached this page it is most likely because you are being called to empower yourself and / or to belly dance.


Nourish the Goddess within you with Shlomit!


In this unique three weeks series you will learn how to empower yourself through the art of belly dance and will connect with a supportive community of women who are interested in personal growth, uplifting their spirits, and unifying in sisterhood.


Each session will explore a different important topic that will help you transform your life and develop your self-confidence. WE Circles are the perfect combination of deep inner work and playful enjoyment.

What to expect?

Each session will include community time, meditation, a light writing prompt, and lots of belly dancing. 

*Please wear comfortable clothes to move in and bring a bottle of water.

**No artistic or dance experience is necessary.

***This is a person-centered, trauma informed, & multiculturally competent program.

Circle #1 Know Thyself 

Sunday, March 19th 4:00-5:30pm

Circle #2 Self-acceptance

Sunday, March 26th 4:00-5:30pm


Circle #3 Freedom of Choice

Sunday, April 2nd 4:00-5:30pm


InSight Yoga & Meditation

17-19 Washington Street

2nd Floor (Above CVS)

Tenafly, NJ 07670


$150.00 for all three sessions

or $60.00 for a single session drop-in session.

*** Space is very limited. Must sign up in advance.

How to register:

By phone:

(Use this option if you wish to register for a single drop in session or for all 3 sessions).

Call Joanna @ 201-394-6135


(Use this option to register for all 3 sessions).

1) Click HERE

2) Look at the schedule of March 19-25 for 'Women's Empowerment (WE) Circle Workshop' and click 'sign up'

3) Choose if you wish to attend the circle in person (at business) or Online (live stream).

4) Click Next

5) If you already have a Vagaro App account, sign in and complete registration.

6) If you don't have a Vagaro App account, sign up and complete registration.

To download the Vagaro App on iPhone click HERE

To download the Vagaro App on Android click HERE


What will you gain from this women's circle?

- Connect with an uplifting global community of women 

- Enhance self love and self confidence

- Reduce stress

- Learn how to Belly Dance with a unique approach

- Tone your body and burn calories

- Fun and rejuvenating

- Uplift your mood and mental health

- Learn to express yourself freely

- Gain self understanding

- Learn tools for self empowerment

- Transform your life

- Feel heard, held, and understood

- Gain wisdom about important topics that relate to women

- Make new friends

Who is this program for?

- For ALL who define themselves as women

- For women who are interested in personal growth

- For women who want to learn how to belly dance

- For women who had a hysterectomy

- For mothers and grandmothers

- For women who struggle with depression or anxiety

- For women who have experienced abuse (sexual, physical, mental or emotional)

- For women looking to lose weight

- For women with womb complications (Prolapse, uterine fibroids, infertility, etc)

- For women who want to enhance self-confidence and assertion

- For you!

HAVE QUESTIONS? feel free to email Shlomit at


About the facilitator:


Shlomit Oren is the founder & leader of the Women's Empowerment (WE) Circles. She is an actress, belly dancer, clown, performing artist, Person-Centered Expressive Arts counselor and the owner of Gleeful Wellness LLC. She is currently a clinical mental health therapist in-training in the state of NJ.


Shlomit specializes in uplifting communities through creative arts. Shlomit's tools include movement, meditation, visual arts, music, singing, dance, theater, poetry and Person-Centered psychology.


Shlomit is half Israeli and half Colombian. Her clients include children, adults, and older adults. She began belly dancing at the age of 16 in Israel and has been teaching belly dance and empowering women for the past 10 years. She has performed all over the U.S., in Israel, India,  and Namibia as a circus clown, hula hooper, belly dancer and actress. 


To learn more about Shlomit, click to HERE

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