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Awakening Expressive Arts

Shlomit’s sessions are held in a non-judgmental environment that fosters creativity and freedom of expression.

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Nourish Your Inner Child

An uplifting personal growth 3 weeks course with Shlomit Oren BS, PCEAF

Via zoom.

When: Wednesdays April 14th, 21st & 28th 2021

Time: 7:30-9:30pm (EST)

Investment: $90.00

Limited to 8 participants only!

Zoom link will be sent to you after you register.

About the workshop:

Your inner child is your essence! When you connect with your inner child you are able to improve your emotional freedom, become more at peace with yourself and enhance your overall health.


Join Shlomit in this facinating workshop in which you will learn how to tap and connect with your inner child, experience laughter yoga, playful movement, improvisation, write creatively and create visual art.

This is a hands-on program. Expect to laugh, rejoice, feel rejuvenated, uplifted and free!


While Awakening Expressive Arts is not therapy, it is a therapeutic process that helps to enhance our lives.

All are welcome.

The type of creative arts tools that will be used during the program:

  • Meditation

  • Movement

  • Writing

  • Dance

  • Visual art making

  • Improv theater

  • Music

  • Person-Centered Coaching

****No previous creative or artistic experience necessary.

What are the goals of the program?

  • To feel happiness, pleasure and develop a positive mindset

  • To let go of being in your head and have fun

  • To embrace challenges as opportunities

  • To feel joy and release endorphins and serotonin

  • Heal from depression

  • To discover your innate essence and authenticity. 

  • Awaken your creativity

How to prepare: 

1) Connect from a private space.

2) Have space to move in

3) Pen and paper

3) Paper and any art materials of your choice (pastels, water colors, markers, acrylics, etc...)


Looking forward to exploring with you!

****This program is held in a loving and inspiring environment. Open to all genders and cultural backgrounds.

Looking for one-on-one Awakening Expressive Arts sessions with Shlomit?

Click here to learn more

What is Awakening Expressive Arts?

AEA was created by Shlomit Oren BS, PCEAF and is based on Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy as created by Natalie Rogers PhD and her father Carl Rogers PhD. AEA is the use of the art making process as a means for healing, personal growth and creativity enhancement in a safe and friendly environment.  A creative experience is often times enlightening. An enlightening experience is often times a creative process. Therefore, the tools we use during the AEA sessions may include meditation, movement, dance, writing, visual arts, singing, music, drama and more. Anyone can practice AEA, no artistic experience is required. Shlomit will help you to awaken and integrate all aspects of self—the body, mind, emotions and spirit with her healing expertise and uplifting energy. Awakening Expressive Arts will help you rediscover your innate creativity and nourish your soul. 

About Shlomit Oren

Shlomit is a multi-generational Person-Centered Expressive Arts facilitator, owner of Gleeful Wellness LLC and multi-faceted performing artist based in NYC.

Shlomit is half Israeli and Half Colombian. She was born in Israel and lived in Colombia from age 2-10. Shlomit then moved back to Israel. When she was 15 years old, she suffered a traumatic car accident where she got to witness her best friend's death. This event sparked her soul awakening journey through conventional PTSD therapy and the practice of arts. Shlomit used theater, bellydance, visual arts, writing and music as tools for her healing journey. After recovering from PTSD and the grieving process, Shlomit vowed to live her life 200%. 100% for her friend, Gili, and 100% for her own self.

In 2010 after serving mandatorily in the Israeli Air Force as a sergeant, Shlomit moved to NYC to study theater and continue her personal growth journey.

In 2012 Shlomit acquired a BA in theater from the Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC. After touring the US with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey as a clown & hula hooper, and performing for hospitalized children and individuals with disabilities, she felt a strong call to facilitate healing work to individuals through the arts.

In 2016 Shlomit graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Psychology at the Northern State University. There she got to adapt all of her studies directly into healing and empowerment programs for children and women combining yoga, dance, body language training and expressive arts. 

In 2018 Shlomit co-created her company Gleeful Wellness LLC in collaboration with her husband David Ross. GW specializes in uplifting services for seniors, adults and children through wellness and entertainment. Her services are offered in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, pediatric units, schools, community centers and now virtually to the global community.

In 2019 Shlomit started to train at the Person-Centered Expressive Art Institute in Sonoma, CA in collaboration with the Alaska Anchorage University where she developed her unique program Awakening Expressive Arts. She also trained at the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. Shlomit also became a member of the Village Playback Theater company and a founding member of Adventure Players Live Theater company. Two companies dedicated for social change that serve as a conduit for safe self-expression to its audiences.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Shlomit adapted her Awakening Expressive Arts studio into virtual and started facilitating healing and personal growth sessions virtually to the community around the globe. Shlomit also graduated from the Spirit of A Woman Institute where she got trained as a Life Coach for women in the "Be The Tree" program.

In 2021 Shlomit is about to launch her new personal brand, Shlomit Oren. Stay tuned for more information to come.

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